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 The Boba Tea Lounge is a charming spot on Legoland Park in England. Simple, popular place doling out delightful treats & lattes made using children's cereal, milkshakes & hot chocolate. This lovely establishment also has been named one of the UK's greatest tea places by the Telegraph Travel Awards. And it must be noted that this little coffee house also serves some delicious desserts.

So what sort of delicacies can we find served at Boba Tea Lounge? Well, for starters, Boba Tea Lounge serves a variety of delicious traditional British breakfast treats. These include bacon and apple savoury crackers with maple syrup, and jam with toasted sesame seeds, toffee and milk cream - a real treat. Other breakfast favorites include the traditional English breakfast of jam and marmalade, as well as a variety of fresh fruit such as dates, grapes, and raisins.

Soups are a popular choice at Boba Tea Lounge, and they are served up on special serving plates made from real Chinese porcelain. Boba Tea Lounge also stocks up on some amazing seasonal fruit mixes for you to enjoy; there are lemon & peach boba, strawberry & black cherry boba, banana & honey boba, and pecan & almond body. For dessert, Boba Tea Lounge also stocks up on some really nice creamy tea blends including orange & peach, apple & peach, pear & honey, and grape & lemon. The Boba Tea Lounge also serves up some yummy and refreshing summer fruits such as strawberries, tangerine, and watermelon in their dessert selections. They absolutely serve up something for everyone!

Boba Tea Lounge is a small establishment, so it is definitely recommended that you make reservations prior to your visit, as they do get full fast. This small Asian-inspired lounge has been a mainstay in the Austin area since 1998, and they serve up their famous banana boba and hot cereal shakes every morning. The banana boba tea Lounge was named after the owners' childhood home in Australia, which was a small country village. Although the lounge has changed a lot since its early days, they still serve up the original Boba tea and hot cereal shake in the morning and evening.

The Boba Tea Lounge offers an extensive menu of healthy snacks for you to choose from; although there is typically a variety of delicious fresh fruit toppings on the cereal shakes and banana boba tea for breakfast and afternoon tea, you will find many other tasty snacks to choose from daily. There are always some excellent salads and chicken dishes, plus a variety of delicious desserts including chocolate cakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and decadent ice cream sandwiches as well. On most days, the Boba Tea Lounge serves up to twenty different kinds of refreshments for lunch and dinner.

Of course, the biggest draw at the Boba Tea Lounge is the wonderful assortment of teas, including the popular hot tea, jasmine green and various rooibos varieties. Tea drinkers can also enjoy a wide range of hot and iced drinks, including regular blends, iced teas, iced coffee, and specialty drinks like the banana milk tea or the male Jamaican mango. In addition to the various tea selections, there are also several options for chocolate dipped fruits, nuts, and trail mix. There is even a special selection of gluten-free ice cream and cookies for those with allergies.

Most of the food served at Boba Tea Lounge is all made from organic ingredients, such asorganic boba and jasmine green tea. A very popular breakfast option is their amazing fresh fruit salad, which is filled with fresh berries and topped with a scoop of the Boba Tea Lounge's house-baked coconut cream. This really good salad is available all day long, and is a favorite of guests and employees alike. A really good afternoon snack is their amazing vegetarian mini quiches, which are made with some really good vegetarian ingredients. You can also enjoy a variety of pasta and quiche selections, as well as gluten-free sandwiches, salads, wraps and desserts.

There are several different room temperature beverages that are available, including their own line of delicious hot teas, flavored jasmine green tea, and a variety of hot milk teas, including blueberry, chai tea, and chocolate almond. Drinks include cookies, popsicles, ice cream, and cookies, and savory selections such as Spam Musubi and Spam Cookies. The Boba Tea Lounge also offers specialty items such as small and large bread bowls, stainless steel water heaters, infusers, and coffeemakers. There is truly a full selection of choices when it comes to snacks and meals at this restaurant.

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